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0.720 Bottle
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Tequila 0.720, 100% Pure Blue Agave


High Quality Tequilana weber Aged (reposado), Jalisco, Mexico



Mexican symbols, history and tradition combine in a unique product, a tequila that unites all we can consider our true local spirit.

Our tequila is produced in the heart of Los Altos de Jalisco, Mexico, a territory where the Blue Agave (Tequilana weber) is farmed. The unique plant that gives 0.720 its aroma, body and taste, a Tequila of true excellence.

An old legend recounts that tequila was born the moment an earth shaking blast of a lightning bolt fell upon an agave leaving its center exposed and burning briefly. The Indians astounded by this happening noticed nectar and aromatic honey arising from it. Considering this event a gift from the heavens, they tasted the juices with hesitation and devotion.


The truth is that agave farming has its roots in pre-Hispanic times. Tiquilino Indians learnt to cook the heart of the plant and ferment the juices. Once the Spaniards arrived, distillation processes were introduced and tequila as we know it today was born.

0.720 is backed by the production and supply of the best agaves from a region known as Los Altos de Jalisco (The Heights of Jalisco), here land is nowadays thoroughly accepted as the ideal for agave farming by virtue of height, soil components and climate.

The Blue Agave (Tequilana weber), is recognizable by its pointy leaves and its characteristic color. It is mainly farmed in some parts of the state of Jalisco, Mexico, that have obtained the origin denomination for Tequila.

0.720 caters to connoisseurs and experts, not those that are interested in a low quality product to be mixed and served in shots or as a cocktail, if that is your interest, please use our tequila links section.

If you visit Puerto Vallarta, there are direct tours to Tequila from both Vallarta and Guadalajara.

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Tequila 0.720, High Quality 100% Blue Agave Jalisco Mexico

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